Elvin   Elvin in Jamaica 2003  

Born in 1954, I was very fortunate to be of the right age to appreciate all the great bands of the late sixties and on. Musically I started out with my mom's 78's and WLS radio out of Chicago. Then the voice of labor - WCFL out of Chicago gave WLS a run for their money. And late at night - if the atmospheric conditions were just right - we could pick up KAAY out of Little Rock, Arkansas. My sister dated a musician and got me on the right track with the likes of the Byrds, the Leaves, the Shadows of Knight, the Stones, Kinks and all of the British Invasion bands. We'd rush home from school (on the bus) to watch Where the Action Is, and the Lloyd Thaxton Show. I recall playing DJ in my room as a kid and in 6th grade was in charge of playing records in the hall when the weather was too bad to go out for lunchtime recess. I started buying 45's and LP's in the early 60's and have almost all of the records I ever bought. That includes a little over 500 albums and a stack of 45's about 4 feet high. Someday I will get them all digitized...
I enjoy mostly the 60's and 70's rock, but at high school graduation that darned musician friend of my sister gave me an Asleep At The Wheel tape and the enjoyment I had gotten from my mom's old 78's was revived. I can't say I am a fan of Country music, but I love Texas Swing (ala Bob Wills) and Commander Cody type tunes. Early 60's Folk Rock is still also in my heart and you will hear me play the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and the older stuff (when I get it digitized) on my show. My junior high and high school years (1966-1972) found me listening to early Mothers of Invention, the Animals, the Beatles and Iron Butterfly, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Led Zeppelin, James Gang, Jethro Tull, Grand Funk, Blood Rock, Black Sabbath, Crosby Stills and Nash practically the day they were first released. I always found that I enjoyed a number of bands until the general population started liking them, and by then I had moved on. Consequently I typically am VERY familiar with a band's first album or two but know little or nothing about their later works.
I was born, raised and still live in the Northern Illinois (USA) area. I grew up on a farm. I played drums in grade school band and switched from band to choir in high school and performed in "Check Your Worries", "Oklahoma" and "The Music Man". My best friend in high school was and is one of the best guitar and harmonica players I have ever met. I have been in several rock bands and have several dozen very talented musician friends many of whom have played at my Mid-Winter Blues Jam over the years or at the bar I owned in the late 70's. You can visit my personal website here.
So I hope you can find the time to listen to my show. If you grew up in the sixties or seventies or if you just enjoy music from then, I am sure that will hear something you will like and remember. And once I start getting my vinyl digitized I hope to do feature shows using it. I also have a number of rather abscure albums and songs that I am anxious to share. You probly won't hear a lot of 80's or 90's or Hair Band rock in my shows, but my girlfriend Shasta is hoping to do a show around that, so keep an eye and an ear out for her. Personally, I can only take so much of it (LOL).
I will gladly take requests for music of the type which I play or if it fits into the show. My Yahoo IM is GoodTunesRadioElvin or send me an email at . I am also usually in the GoodTunesRadio chatroom while I am on the air (if I don't forget). Stop in and say hello!